JACO COSTA RICA BEACHFRONT JACO COSTA RICA BEACHFRONT Here is why I believe that Costa Rica should be at the top of the list 1) JACO COSTA RICA BEACHFRONT There is a tremendous amount of eco-diversity there…in one day you can see TWO oceans, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, inland waterways, lakes, agricultural lands, rain forests, jungles, and forests…it is almost never ending. 2) JACO COSTA RICA BEACHFRONT No standing army. This is very important to the people of this country and allows them to channel not only revenues elsewhere for the good of the entire population but also energy that needs to go with it. 3) JACO COSTA RICA BEACHFRONT The health care system in Costa Rica is one of the best in the world based on access, cost and the quality of care. Costa rica real estate for sale. 4) JACO COSTA RICA BEACHFRONT The literacy rate in Costa Rica is higher than in the United States…as is the average life span…Costa Rica has one of the five, highly publicized BLUE zones in the world which contain an extraordinarily high number of citizens over 90 and 100 years of age.Real estate for sale costa rica. 5) JACO COSTA RICA BEACHFRONT Costa Rica has the longest reigning democracy in all of Latin America. It is stable and dependable. This is crucial for anyone considering a move here. Can you afford to take a chance in any other country with your money that has far less political stability than Costa Rica? Beachfront real estate in costa rica. 6) JACO